A Great brand is the most valuable real estate in the world – a corner of the consumer’s mind. ‘A great brand is much more than a slogan’ a logo, a campaign or a product. A Great brand is the promise to always deliver value for money. It represents an image that is unique, timeless and that consumers identify with.


We want to honor outstanding firms and start-up brands in a variety of industries, including education, food and beverage, health, automobiles, finance, fashion, logistics, travel, and more. It was a difficult period for many types of enterprises to continue operating as the world’s economies sank to new lows. Despite the chaos, the previous year demonstrated the tenacity and persistence required for companies to continue doing what they do best: providing for their customers and workers and always offering their best. This has to be acknowledged, and TCIF intends to do so.



The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.

The 2nd edition of the Kings of Brands awards, aims at honouring bright brains who have taken their brands a distinctive approach to the market competition. The Kings of Brands Awards are available to all home-grown start-up brands accessible in the customer commercial centre. The program gives an eminent chance to entrepreneurs who have just ventured into the business world and are looking forward to introducing their brand into the commercial world.

“KOB Exclusively For Startups”

KINGS OF BRANDS is a business award, presented by Take Care International Foundation to create public acknowledgment of top innovative start-up brands. We look to perceive and compensate exceptional new companies that are building inventive items/arrangements, adaptable undertakings, with high capability of work age or abundance creation, showing quantifiable social effect. The occasion is intended to help give regional start-up brands a stepping stone and providing them with brand publicity.

“India’s Top 100 brands”

The Take Care International Foundation’s KINGS OF BRANDS project aims to raise public awareness of India’s top 100 brands. The event is hosted by TCIF to honor and applaud excellent businesses that are creating innovative products or adaptive projects with a high capacity for job age or abundance generation, as well as demonstrating quantifiable social impacts. We’d like to take this time to honor these top companies for their unwavering commitment to providing the finest possible service to their consumers and being the best at what they do.