• Tech Startup of the Year (Artificial Intelligence / Big Data / Block chain/ IOT /Security /Machine Learning /Virtual Reality) this category is open to all technology for Business startups offering innovative solutions to Businesses. The startup should be less than 7 years old and can privately funded or VC backed (Series B or earlier).
  • Digital / Online Start-up
    This Award will recognize businesses that earn 40% or more of their revenue online. You could be an online retailer or an online game etc.
  • Social Commerce Start-up of the Year
    This category is open to all Social Commerce start-ups offering innovative Products or services to consumers.
  • Networking Start-up of the Year
    This category is open to all technology for Business start-ups offering innovative Networking solutions to Businesses.
  • Innovative Start-up of the Year
    A business owner / founder of an organization, who has developed a unique business model
  • Home or Craft-based Start-up
    this includes home-based businesses or/and craft-based businesses.
  • Emerging Start-up
  • Food & Beverage Startup
    This award will recognize company that has introduced a new food/beverage product in the Industry
  • Best healthcare startup
    Solving India’s last mile healthcare challenge
  • Creative Entrepreneur Of The Year
    The absolute value creator out of sheer creativity
  • Most Enterprising Business
  • COVID-19 emerging startup
  • Business Innovation
  • Best Use of Technology
  • Business Transformation
  • Social/sustainable start-up of the year
  • Media/Entertainment Start-up of the Year
  • Travel Startup of the year
  • Start-up Leader Of The Year
  • Family business startup of the year
  • Creative Entrepreneur Of The Year
  • Best Social Impact Start-up